Promoting a healthy forest by working closely with the United States Forest Service and the sawmill industry. 2017-03-27T22:26:15+00:00


Eagle Valley Clean Energy’s choice to operate a biomass power plant in Gypsum enabled them to serve an important public purpose by providing locally generated renewable energy and it supports the US Forest Service’s forest restoration projects by using beetle-kill material as fuel.

Biomass – Unique Forest Health Tool

  • Hazardous Fuels Mitigation
    • Reliable outlet for hazardous fuel
  • Expands treatment – all species
  • Extends Reach of Forest Managers
    • Stretches budgets; treat more acres
    • White River National Forestry stewardship
    • Long term planning – 30-40 year tool
  • Doesn’t burden the forest
    • 2,500acresp.a./70,000BDT/11.0mmbdft
  • Doesn’t compete for higher value timber
    • Targets trimmings, small diameter & POL (product other than logs)
    • Valuable logs go to mills, not bioenergy
  • Complements sawmill industry
    • Buys shavings and trimmings
    • Increases profit margin to sawmill process
    • Balances forest products industry & jobs
  • Not subject to market volatility